Arctic Cat 2015

For the twelfth year running I was back at it shooting running footage of the 2017 line up of Arctic Cat Snowmobiles at an undisclosed location in the northern U.S.  Because I can’t show images of the 2017 line up of Arctic Cat snow machines you’ll have to make due with images from last years Arctic Cat shoot in 2014 featuring the 2016 line up of sleds.  This is always a great gig working with Minneapolis based agency Periscope where we’re working out of packs and accessing the backcountry on sleds ourselves.  There are three units running including my main unit shooting on the Red Epic Dragon, a rig mount unit predominantly utilizing GoPro’s and then a 2nd Unit headed up by Colin Witherill shooting lifestyle, RC Heli & time lapses.  New additions to this years shoot were shooting with the Phantom Flex 4K and an RC Heli both of which have amped up the production value of the shoot immensely!  I’m already looking forward to next year!

WW9A2485 WW9A2563 WW9A2628 WW9A2653 WW9A2679

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