More work with director Tyler Stableford and Cabela’s

Between weeks of shooting in Atlanta on the feature Insurgent I have been able to squeeze in a couple of commercial shoots. The first shoot is with my good friend and director Tyler Stableford and Cabela’s. Tyler and I collaborated in the fall of 2012 on a multi week branding campaign for Cabela’s and their “It’s In Your Nature” 1.0 campaign and then again in the fall of 2013 on version 2.0. For this shoot we are filming in Missouri over the course of a week and shooting a few different spots. Working with Tyler is a great challenge as he has a great eye and a discerning sensibility for composition and many of the scenes we are shooting happen at sunrise or sunset so timing is critical for all the pieces to come together.

Cabelas Sunset


This shoot has brought together many of the usual suspects from our past shoots including our producer Danny Taff, Key Grip Arte Shelton and my 1st AC Scott Daharb. New to this round of shooting is Steadicam Operator Kevin Andrews who I met last year on the 2.0 shoot. For these spots Tyler wants the camera constantly moving which means that Kevin will certainly have his work cut out for him in this hot and buggy climate.

Cabelas Ticks

Also a welcomed addition on this round of shooting is the Yonder Blue Films team who are heading up the RC helicopter filming that is also a new component to this round of shooting for Cabela’s. The RC is a remote controlled helicopter with a variety of video and still cameras that allows us to get spectacular shots from an arial view while still being at a low altitude.  I have recently been working with Yonder Blue Films on a few shots in Atlanta on Insurgent. At a time when the market place is rather saturated with RC Heli operators that over promise and under-deliver I was impressed with the work Yonder Blue was delivering and under considerable pressure. As Cabela’s was shaping up and Tyler asked me about potential RC helicopter operators I knew that Yonder Blue would deliver and they certainly are. 

Cabelas HC




Cabelas HC 2                                                                                                                                                                     For this round of filming we are again shooting with my Red Epic Dragon predominantly in 5K though taking advantage of the 6K capability of the Dragon at times. This camera allows us to get 9 times more pixels than HD with advancements in micro contrast and MTF creating an even clearer image. Tyler likes shooting in 5K+ as it allows him to do some reframing and digital zooms on the back end. Our lens package is relatively simple and consists of a set of Ultra Primes. These lenses have the widest focal range creating excellent quality shots at close range. During the shoot last year we shot with Red Epic in 5K and used the Zeiss Ultra Primes and the Angenieux 16-42mm & 45-120mm zoom lenses. Tyler likes to shoot with fast glass and wide open for nearly every shot and considering the majority of our work is on Steadicam the Ultra Primes were an obvious choice.
Cabelas The Guys

Cabelas Kent                                                                                                                                                                 This shoot so far has been a tremendous amount of work as we’re shooting some very long days in the very hot and humid weather of Missouri. But as always shooting with Tyler and Stableford Studios is very rewarding! 

Cableas Sunset Kent

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Insurgent: 2nd Unit

This summer is starting off well with a call to operate A camera on the 2nd Unit of Insurgent with my good friend and DP Lukasz JogallaLukasz and I both worked together as operators on The Other Guys  in 2009 and then again in 2010 on 21 Jump Street.   Insurgent, produced by Red Wagon Entertainment and Summit Entertainment  is the 2nd installment of the Divergent book trilogy written by Veronica Roth.   Insurgent comes on the heels of the first film in the series Divergent which was a box office hit directed by Neil Burger who I worked with in 2010 on Limitless.   Starring again in Insurgent is Shalaney Woodley and Theo James.   The main unit of Insurgent will be directed by Robert Schwentke with Florian Ballhaus shooting and the 2nd Unit will be directed by both James Madigan and George Aguilar with James taking on more of the visual F/X heavy work and George taking on the action sequences.   Shooting is taking place entirely in Atlanta, Georgia both on location and on stage and the film is scheduled to be released on March 20th, 2015.  Our camera package on Insurgent will consist of two Alexa XT packages and the show will be shot in anamorphic.
Insurgent Camera  Our 2nd Unit work will be incremental throughout the summer working in conjunction with the main unit through September thereby allowing me to shoot a few other commercial projects along the way. Insurgent Sunset


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