Filming “Everest” on Everest

As 2014 gets underway I have gotten one of those calls that I have worked tirelessly for in my career and much of what I’ve done throughout my years of work has been in dedication to landing this type of gig.  Working Title Films & Cross Creek Pictures will be producing the feature film “Everest” based on the well known 1996 tragedy that took place on the mountain and of which Jon Krakauer’s best selling book  “Into Thin Air” was based on and I have been asked to head up the 2nd Unit filming which will shoot in both Italy and on Everest itself .  “Everest” will be directed by Baltasar Kormakur (2 Guns / Collateral) with Salvatore Totino serving as the 1st Unit DP and will shoot in Nepal, Italy & the UK.  I will be shooting the 2nd Unit work in Italy in February and then travel to Nepal in March to continue shooting the 2nd Unit on Sagarmatha herself.

Starring Keira Knightley, Robin Wright, Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Jason Clarke & others “Everest” is now set to release September 18th, 2015.




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Back on the road with director Tyler Stableford & Cabela’s for “It’s In Your Nature” 2.0

As the leaves are falling and temps are dropping the setting is perfect as I find myself on the road shooting again for director Tyler Stableford and Cabela’s .  Last year at this time I began shooting with Tyler and Cabela’s in Lake Cado, TX on the initial award winning “It’s In Your Nature” campaign.  This year the campaign shoot involves nearly thirty days of scouting and shooting combined over the course of October & November in Washington State, Louisiana, Kentucky, Nebraska & Colorado.  We began our shoot in early October in Washington shooting on the Olympic Peninsula and near Lake Wenatchee.

Cablea's scout day 1

Cablea’s scout day 1


Early morning shoot near Venice, Louisiana

From Washington we flew to Louisiana where we shot in the Gulf of Mexico near Venice, LA and a bit farther inland towards New Orleans.  Following Louisiana we were off to Colorado and then Kentucky before eventually returning to Colorado to take advantage of the early season snow fall and the remaining fall colors in the high country.


Steadicam Op TJ Williams Jr. in action with 1st AC Tod Boyle keeping it sharp.

This shoot has been altogether unique, beautiful & challenging as nearly every shot happens at either sunrise or sunset where I am constantly having to chase the increasing or decreasing natural light and balance with various sources.  We are shooting with the Red Epic predominantly in 5K and using the Zeiss Ultra Primes and the Angenieux         16-42mm & 45-120mm zoom lenses.  We are utilizing steadicam often and as a result I am having to work with new steadicam operators in each location which has been great as I am meeting some fantastic steadicam ops.  After three weeks of shooting I have had the pleasure of working with TJ Williams Jr.,  Remi Tournous in Louisiana and Kevin Andrews in Denver.

Across the board the crew has been fantastic with producer Danny Taff at the helm and my two trusted and highly skilled Colorado based 1st AC’s, Tod Boyle and Scott Daharb alternating shooting locations.  Working with Tyler is always a pleasure as he brings a strong photographic eye and keen sense for unique composition to the table having been a long time Canon Explorer of Light Photographer.

Yours truly at the helm operating the remote head on the Fisher 23' arm.

Yours truly at the helm operating the remote head on the Fisher 23′ arm.

In late October we head to Kentucky for another week of shooting before returning to Colorado to take advantage of the early season snowfall and lingering fall colors.  Stayed tuned for more updates and keep an eye out after the new year for what will very likely be another round of award winning spots for Cabela’s.

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